Peace and Justice

Catholic Social Ministry at Our Lady of Mount Carmel works in cooperation with the Diocesan Peace and Justice office. The works of the Peace and Justice office are rooted in Holy Scripture. Their mission is to assist the Diocesan Ordinary with his pastoral ministries in the implementation of the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.

Some of the organizations with which the Peace and Justice office maintains a cooperative endeavor include the U.S. Conference of Bishops, Florida Catholic Conference, National Association of Diocesan Social Action Directors, Bread for the World, ministries departments including the Criminal Justice office, Respect for Life, Education and Youth Ministry. The Diocesan Peace and Justice office collaborates with Diocesan offices and parishes to sponsor the Annual Leaven Conference, which focuses on different aspects of Catholic Social Teaching, as well as to encourage participants to become social justice advocates regarding select social issues. They serve as an advocate for farm workers in Southwest Florida to preserve human dignity in particular with regard to just wages.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel parish based Peace and Justice activities include volunteers who visit jails, diocesan sponsored programs and the “Work of Human Hands” sales held in conjunction with Catholic Relief Services. They return fair wages for hand crafts of artisans from third world countries. The primary charitable arm of this ministry is the highly successful Our Lady of Guadalupe Social Services Immokalee ministry monthly food drive. All parishioners are most welcome to participate in any of the good works programs Peace and Justice supports.