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My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My prayer for you and your family is that you will be kept safe from all harm. With the strength that comes from God, I encourage you to support your neighbors and friends with the Hope that is ours in Jesus Christ. Together, we face the threat posed by the Corvid-19 outbreak - a crisis that is unprecedented in our lifetime. Still, there is a need to remain flexible and adapt to circumstances, following, as best we can, the guidance of public health officials.

Guidelines have been established that call for further limiting of public gatherings. Therefore, out of pastoral concern for all, and after prayer and discernment, as well as hearing from the priests and the Faithful, I announce that the regularly scheduled Masses and other Liturgical events in Parish Churches in the Diocese of Venice will be suspended from March 20, 2020 until after Easter, when the situation can be re-evaluated. Visitation to Churches to pray is also suspended. Therefore, the Faithful and visitors to the Diocese are dispensed from any obligation to attend Mass during this period.

This is acknowledged as a sacrifice for the Catholic Faithful, who have a great love for the Holy Eucharist and depend on the Most Blessed Sacrament for their spiritual lives. Do recall that Faithful Catholics, throughout the history of the Church, have kept the faith alive through trying times. By prayer and devotion, as well as spiritual solidarity with each other, the life of faith continued to be a source of strength and perseverance during persecutions and other times of public crisis. Tomorrow, on the Feast of St. Joseph, I will dedicate the Diocese of Venice to the care of the Foster Father of Jesus. Let us be united in prayer to St. Joseph for his intercession and protection.

Our Priests have been asked to draw upon the Church's rich tradition of prayer and devotion to ensure that the spiritual life of parishioners is nourished and remains vibrant through means which are prudently adapted to the current circumstances. Our Diocesan website has a list of opportunities to view the celebration of the Holy Mass. Parish websites will also provide other helpful suggestions for how to promote prayerfulness and spiritual communion.

Priests, together with the Catholic Faithful, are asked to make prudent decisions about Weddings and Funerals while observing guidance to limit gatherings. Baptisms will only be celebrated in cases of emergency. The Anointing of the Sick ought to be  requested only in genuine need for the dying. Priests are to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and the Faithful when administering the Sacraments to the Sick (i.e. the use of isolation gowns, masks and gloves, as well as following the guidelines of medical professionals). All Confirmations prior to Easter have been postponed, along with penance services. Parish and social events, as well as ministry gatherings, are also suspended. Parishioners, in the event of emergency situations, are invited to communicate with a Priest, Deacon or available staff by phone, or by email.

As your Bishop, I am always edified and grateful for the generosity of the Faithful, particularly at difficult times. Of course, you must consider your own circumstances and how the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted your family. However, it is also necessary to provide for the ministry of the Church, as well as continue to serve the poor and the vulnerable though Catholic Charites. The Catholic Faithful are humbly asked to continue their generous support for our Parishes, Schools, Catholic Charities and the Diocese.

My dear Faithful, be confident that Christ is with us always and that the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph are interceding for us. Take courage and trust in God during this time of many challenges.

Sincerely yours in Christ.

+Frank J. Dewane

Bishop of the Diocese of Venice in Florida

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Dear Friends,

As you can see from the Bishop’s letter, in concern for the health of our parishioners, we are not able to provide any more liturgical services (Masses) open to the public until further notice. It is a sad day for all of us but we will continue to serve you even from a distance. So, what does this mean?

The following points will clarify.

  • There can be no public entrance to the church even for private devotions.
  • Funerals will be planned and scheduled but only the immediate family may attend.
  • The staff will continue to function on site at a reduced schedule. Staff can be reached by phone or e-mail and will be in the office from 8:00AM until Noon each day. They will be working from home after these hours. Emergency calls will be received as usual. Follow the phone directions.
  • Priests are available to hear confessions by appointment only. Just call for an appointment.
  • All visits to the homebound and ordinary sick calls will be suspended as well as the Stephen ministry calls. There is a full time Catholic chaplain at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Just ask for him at the nurse’s station.
  • The Bulletin will continue to be published and is accessible from our web site or at the doors of the church.
  • There are on-line Masses offered daily. Bishop Barron is saying a daily Mass streamed through his web-site, “Word on Fire”. The Masses for Sundays are available on the web- site of the Diocese of Venice. EWTN offer daily Mass through their TV station. Our Lady of the Angels offers a daily streamed Mass on their web-site.
  • The priests in our parish will offer daily Mass for the intentions that have been scheduled, and for you. You can join us in a spiritual communion at those masses even if you cannot attend them physically.
  • PLEASE DON’T FORGET YOUR WEEKLY OFFERING. The parish is totally dependent on your generosity to function and a cessation of weekly collections will take us deep into our savings. You can register with “WE SHARE” and make your contributions through this program. There is a link to the program from our web-site. If you mail in your contributions you will put a smile on my face and help me to get a good night’s sleep. Thank you!
  • Scheduling Masses can be done over the phone.
  • Palms will be blessed and left outside of both doors of the church should you want to come by and help yourself.

During the remainder of Lent and on Easter let us pray for each other that this virus will pass us by and that our faith and hope in God’s mercy will carry us through this uncertain time.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel…Pray for us.

Fr. Fred Tillotson, O. Carm.



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